Eight Great Features of
Japanese Curry

Curry in Japan has developed a style all of its own
These eight features are why Japanese Curry is so special


01 AROMA An addictive,
mouth-watering aroma

Wide range of aroma coming from spicies and other ingridients create the harmony of aroma.
It's an addictive aroma that few can resist.


02 SAUCE A thick, rich sauce that complements rice perfectly

The stand-out feature of a Japanese curry is its thick, rich sauce.
The thickness of the sauce which can only be found in Japanese curry is supported and beloved by many.
The rich and indulgent sauce mixes with rice so perfectly, you will find it difficult stoping eating.

03 INGREDIENT It goes well with almost any ingredient.

Japanese curry sauce pairs well with a great variety of ingredients.
Whether it's meat, vegetable or seafood, simmering them together with the sauce enriches the flavor of each ingredient. Try and discover your favourite ingridients for curry and develop your own original recipe.

04 EASY It's easy to make

Japanese curries are generally made from a roux.
Curry roux makes it easy to make a delicious curry, so why not try making one in your house or restaurant?


05 BALANCE It's nutritionally balanced

Japanese curry with rice and meat, seafood or vegetables is a great choice for a balanced meal!
As well as the protein from the meat, the vegetables have so much nutritional value to offer.
From growing children to health-conscious adults, Japanese curry is a great choice for all kinds of people.

06 UNIQUE It's a uniquely Japanese dish

When most people hear the word "curry," they think of India. But Japanese curry is a historic dish that has been developed by the Japanese ever since curry powder first arrived on Japan's shores over 100 years ago.
Over the years, curry has developed into a uniquely Japanese dish in its own right.


07 FAVORITE It's a favorite throughout Japan

Japanese curry is wildly popular across Japan, and always ranks high in lists of popular foods in Japan.
From the young to the old, Japanese people love curry! You could say that it's the go-to food of Japan. Next time you want some sushi or ramen, why not try a Japanese curry instead?


08 FAMILY You can enjoy it
with the whole family

In Japan, curry is a extremely popular home-cooked meal.
The family gathers around big pot of curry, and soon conversation starts flowing with everyone's smiles and laughters. How about gathering your family, and having curry tonight?