Here we introduce the characteristics of Japanese-style curry that no other curry in the world has.



A thick and rich sauce

It has a thick and rich sauce, which is the best way to eat it with rice.


Eat it on one plate

Japanese-style curry is served and eaten with the rice and sauce on the same plate.
It is a meal that is complete eaten together with the rice on the same plate, not just a side dish to accompany the rice.


The ingredients are delicious

Cooking the meat and/or vegetables in the curry sauce brings out their flavors in the curry.
This is so effective that there are many people in Japan who stew the ingredients in the sauce over a long period of time.
Ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, onions and meat are typically used in Japanese-style curry.


Unlike Thai or Indian curry, Japanese-style curry is usually made using curry roux.

Curry roux is a mixture of flour, fats and oils, blended spices, seasonings, etc. that is thoroughly heated and then cooled into solid form, and is sold by food companies in Japan.

Curry roux contains the delicious fragrance from the roasted flour in the heating process and the rich aroma that is trapped inside when the spices are heated to a suitable temperature, which come together as the exquisitely harmonious aroma that is the charm of Japanese-style curry. When boiled in the pan, it simply creates a thick curry sauce.

  • Roux is a cooking term that is originally a French word which refers to a mixture of flour fried in fat and/or oil, and is used to thicken soups.