On the way home from playing with a friend, I could smell curry coming from a neighbor’s house.
I was so jealous that my stomach rumbled. But, I went home to find that our dinner was curry, too!
I still remember how I jumped for joy.

I so looked forward to having curry for my school lunch that I marked it on the calendar.
On the days that we had curry, I ate it while competing with my friends for a second helping.
That taste has stayed with me into my adult years.

I can clearly remember the curry that I made with my friends at camp school.
Even though we hadn't cooked before and cut up the ingredients in all shapes and sizes, we had a wonderful time eating it together. I still cherish the photos I have from then.

My dad made curry for my mom when she caught a cold.
The meat and vegetables were cut a little too big and he put the potatoes in whole,
but my mom was extremely happy that he came home early from work to make it as best he could.

I can’t forget the curry I ate in a mountain hut while climbing Mt. Fuji.
Even though it was just a regular ready-made curry, it was truly a feast for my body which was exhausted by the cold and the unfamiliar mountain path.

I always ask my mom to cook curry whenever I go back to my family home.
Even though the ingredients and the way I cook it must be the same, hers always tastes so much better than when I cook it.
Eating my mom’s curry is how I realize I’m really home.

My girlfriend cooked curry for me when I was at university.
I was nervous the whole time because it was the first time a woman other than my mom had cooked for me. I’ll never forget the smile on her face as she saw me eating a big portion.

Curry was the first meal that my elementary school daughter made for me.
I watched her anxiously as she struggled to make it,
but she gave it her all until the very end. I was so happy I boasted to all my friends.

I clearly remember the curry at a restaurant my grandparents took me to when I was a child.
It looked completely different to the curry I was used to, as the rice and the curry sauce were served separately.
I remember being tense eating it, worried I would get curry on my best clothes.

I have two brothers, and when our mom would ask for dinner requests, we’d all say “curry!” Our mom wasn’t so impressed, though.
Even now that we’re adults, whenever we’re all home and she asks us what we want for dinner, we deliberately say “curry!” Those are some fond memories.

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